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          Professional design and manufacturing enterprise

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          Since 1998

          Founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer for R&D for LNG stainless steel products and marine cranes/ manufacture, marketing and after service.

          The spirit of enterprise

          Vision: to be a world-class brand in Marine Industry

          Mission: to be a standardized company in Marine Industry

          Aim: provide high quality products
          and first-class service

          Spirits: Innovation, Team, Struggle and Diligence

          Attitude: focus on details, keep commitments,
          no excuses, be persistent

          Key idea

          Development: Innovation promotes development

          Survival: Quality is the cornerstone for company survival

          Quality: Take customer first and quality first

          Work: Do it actively and regard it as a duty

          Employment: Take human as root, and appoint people by abilities

          Management: Do things first and be strict with oneself

          Our values

          Customers: Credit as root, Collaborative Development

          Team: Work together and go all out

          Rules: institution first

          Conduct: treat people sincerely
          and treasure everything owned

          Duty: be responsible for ourself , for company and for society

          Standard: pursue perfection, do our best

          Quality policy

          Innovative Management, elaborate manufactures, continuous improvement, high-class service.

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          Honor is affirmation of the past - Our peak is always ahead

          Provincial center for high tech Enter..
          Specialized in special new enterprises
          Single champion enterprise
          High and new tech enterprises
          Project Technical center
          May 1st Labor Medal
          2A credit rating
          Harmonious company
          Safe company
          Demonstration of grass roots trade unions
          Staff's reading-room
          • 2019-12-08

            Preview of 2019 China International Maritime Exhibition

            Preview of 2019 China International Maritime Exhibition
          • 2017-11-12

            Preview of 2017 China International Maritime Exhibition

            Preview of 2017 China International Maritime Exhibition
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