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          Kairong New Energy Corporate Culture

          Ningbo Kairong New Energy Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer for R&D for LNG stainless steel products and marine cranes/ manufacture, marketing and after service. Kairong has been awarded the "Ningbo Enterprise Engineering Technology Center", " High-tech Enterprise" etc.

          Entrepreneurial spirit, the cornerstone of our success

          With more than twenty years of hard-working and development, Kairong gradually forms its particular corporation spirits, business philosophy and creates friendly working and living yinhuale environment and diverse corporation culture, combining with successful management experience at home and abroad.


          Corporation Vision: to be a world-class brand in Marine Industry


          Corporation Mission: to be a standardized company in Marine Industry


          Corporation Aim: provide high quality products and first-class service


          Corporation Spirits: Innovation, Team,Struggle and Diligence


          Corporation Attitude: focus on details, keep commitments, no excuses, be persistent

          Wonderful event, rich staff life

          After more than twenty years of entrepreneurship and development, combined with the successful management experience of advanced enterprises at home and abroad, “Kai Rong Company” has gradually formed its own unique corporate spirit and business philosophy, and on this basis, created a good work and life for employees. The environment has formed a colorful corporate culture.

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